July 2011

The GlasPro Color Toolbox

GlasPro Introduces New Innovative Color Matching System

One of the country's leading glass fabricators, GlasPro Inc., has introduced a new system for matching and specifying custom colors in laminated glass. Created as a tool for architects, designers, art directors and other creative professionals, the GlasPro Color Toolbox gives you the ability to create and specify your own, unique custom glass colors.

For the first time, the designer is able to combine color swatches of actual glass achieving shades and effects in a far greater variety than afforded by the traditional range of stock colors. The GlasPro Color Toolbox represents the type of innovation upon which the company has built it's reputation, providing high-quality, colored glass, for prestigious projects such as the Dallas International Airport, The Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis Minnesota and Isotopes Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Toolbox is just one of the ways in which GlasPro continues it's commitment to developing the types of material and services demanded by the most respected names in architecture and design. Visit them at www.glas-pro.com to see more and tour the wide array of projects that have made the GlasPro name synonymous with cutting-edge design in architectural glass.


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