June 2014

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Great Glazing

GreatGlazing: Prada Storefront, Los Angeles


The basics: In late 2013, Glas-Pro completed a project at the Prada store on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. Highlighting the entrance of the high-end store are two walls of two multi-layered, heavy glass panels. "The thick glass is literally a structural and aesthetic focal point of the store," says Joe Green, GlasPro president.

The players: Owner, Prada; glass supplier, GlasPro; glazing contractor, Giroux Glass.

The glass and systems: Two 7-foot by 10-foot glass walls, made of multi-layered glass panels, weighing 6,500 pounds each. The glass for the job consists of eight layers of 3/4-inch annealed glass, with all edges polished. The team faced notable challenges due to the weight of each panel, Green says. "We shipped the panels to the job site flat on our trucks. The installer, Giroux Glass, used a specialty rigging company to roll the glass into position—a process that took eight hours per panel. There was minimal clearance at the space, as it was a remodel, so they had to maneuver the panels very cautiously and extremely slowly."

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