November 2014

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GreatGlazing: Jaime Escalante Auditorium and Memorial Plaza


The basics: James A. Garfield High School in East Los Angeles stands as a symbol of academic achievement and community pride. When the school’s 82-year-old auditorium was destroyed by fire in May 2007, plans to rebuild were to include a tribute to the late Jaime Escalante, the famous Los Angeles high school math teacher whose work with troubled "unteachable" students was the story behind the film "Stand and Deliver."

The Jaime Escalante Auditorium and Memorial Plaza were completed in April 2014 and feature three facades fabricated in graphic glass.

The players: Architect, GKK; general contractor, Turner Construction; contract glazier, Aragon Construction; glass fabricator, GlasPro; spider fittings supplier, C.R. Laurence

The glass and systems: The project uses GlasPro HD Graphic glass, comprised of two layers of tempered 1/4-inch low-iron laminated glass with high-resolution graphics. Spanning 315 feet on the South and West sides of the auditorium and rising 16 feet in height, the two "Dancer" facades of the auditorium are made up of 90 individually polished and drilled graphic glass panels, supported with spider fittings supplied by C.R. Laurence. The Memorial Plaza facade is 24 feet wide and 37 feet tall and comprised of twenty-four 48-inch by 111-inch glass panels meticulously fabricated with holes and polished edges and aligned with absolute accuracy, according to GlasPro.

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