October 2013


Property Peepshow

The 747 Wing House
Malibu, California
A few years ago, architect David Hertz stood atop the Malibu mountains and, looking out over the Pacific Ocean, started thinking about airplanes. He’d been commissioned to build a house on this spot, with a brief that specified a curvilinear form. So Hertz and his client set out on a road trip to an aircraft boneyard in the Mojave Desert. They returned $30,000 lighter, having secured ownership of a decommissioned Boeing 747 (original market value: $200 million).

Hertz proceeded to dismantle the plane, integrating its various parts into the new home’s design. The wings and tail stabilizers became roofing material; the fuselage functions as an interior feature wall; the outdoor fire pit, crafted from an engine cowling, serves as a communal space. Over time, the once-coveted first class cabin deck will be used for the roof of the guesthouse; the cockpit windows will form a skylight in the meditation pavilion.

It’s been a long haul and taken 17 government agency approvals, but in 2011 Francie Rehwald was finally able to call the 747 Wing House her home.

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