High Performance Glass

GlasPro- LE and XLE deliver performance to meet today's energy efficiency demands.
Energy-Efficient/Low-E Glass
Manage solar heat with GlasPro energy-efficient glass

Low-E, or, low-emissivity, coatings are microscopic metallic layers applied to a glass surface to reflect heat and effectively limit it’s conduction beyond the directly exposed surface. GlasPro offers two of these coatings available on both regular clear float and low iron glass. These high performance products can be combined with many different types of glass to further improve performance and meet specific design criteria. Low-E glass may also be combined with our many decorative glass offerings (such as colored glass) to achieve desired aesthetics without sacrificing quality.

GlasPro also carries a wide selection of non-insulated high performance glass, offering customers Low-E performance options in a 1/4", 3/8” or 1/2” thick laminated glass product. This line is an ideal solution for the many retrofits, restorations, garage doors, etc., that cannot accept a 1” IGU.

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Crystal Cathedral, Orange, California. High performance laminated glass by GlasPro.
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