Curved Glass – The Art of Craftsmanship

Nothing screams modern elegance like curved glass, which is a way to make storefronts or high end buildings look more modern, almost instantly. Architectural glass design involves a great deal of conceptual work, and then a specialized heating and bending process to produce the final bent glass product. This can lead to some of the most innovative decorative glass designs in the world, and when you think about what the future of glass looks like, this is often it. Because such a high level of craftsmanship is needed to produce results that are as strong as they look, it’s vital to choose a fabricator that is up for the job.

Curved Glass
Curved Glass

Because Glaspro has built its reputation on setting and meeting challenges in curved glass production, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest attention to detail here. Along with new materials such as rice paper glass, there are techniques that can be used to carefully curve and mold large sheets of window glass to meet any modern design that you have come up with. Some of the world’s top architects use the services here. Because of its striking design, this type of glass is usually used for buildings that need to make a statement.

Some areas where you might see curved glass used in the architecture and design include modern exhibition halls, museums, airports, and shopping arcades, for example. These could be utilized in either the interior or exterior of the building, for maximum visual impact. Studies have shown that curves in the glass help give a building a more modern and comforting feel, particularly when associated with futuristic endeavors, which perhaps explains the popularity in airport design. However, you could use this in regular storefronts as well.

Curved glass can also accentuate revolving doors, facades and window displays, and skywalks in between buildings. The type of glass used will depend on the application, so this is something to discuss with your glass design expert before putting into place. There is a wide variety of different types of tempered and colored glass that could be used in the design, and some may even choose a combination of different glass types for an edgier look. It’s also always vital in any glass application to make sure that you adhere to building codes upon installation, which is why the work of a curved glass professional is vital in this field.

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