Magnetic Glass – One Surface, Many Possibilities

Although many have said over the years that time is money, it turns out that space is money too, according to any architect or interior designer. Working in limited spaces can lead to certain limitations in the types of materials that you can use, or may lead to you rethinking the budget that you have and scaling back a project. However, a good way around this is to use materials like magnetic glass that serve multiple purposes, beyond merely serving a decorative glass need.

Magnetic Glass
Magnetic Glass

As far as magnetic glass goes, the reason why it can be so useful in design and architecture is that it serves more than one purpose at the same time. Not only can it stand in the way regular glass does, but you can also stick objects to it due to the magnetism. This gives it the function of a standard dry-erase board, but it also has the appeal of a bulletin board. For conference rooms, offices, and classrooms, this is a clever way to open up the possibilities of how we use surfaces. Even in a residential setting, this could make the family more organized while at the same time giving the kids something fun to play with.

Other types of glass that are frequently utilized include translucent glass panels, because they allow designers to manipulate lighting without having to step in with separate shades or lighting fixtures. Magnetic glass works in the same way, in that there are so many different possibilities attached to it. In terms of pure aesthetic possibility, designers find it exciting to work with because it can be colored, textured, or enhanced with other decorative items, while at the same time having that core of magnetic strength.

Many businesses choose to have their magnetic glass produced in white, so that it can double as a projection screen. This way, designers can utilize the sleek and subtle appeal of glass, but then infuse it with a core strength and multiplicity of purpose that goes far beyond other glass materials. The only limitation is in the imagination of the designer. If you want to learn more about just how convenient and versatile magnetic glass can be, you can turn to to start the creative juices flowing. These experts are the industry leader in the glass design world, and can help you make any of your designs become a new reality.

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