Back Painted Glass – It’s Not Just for Spandrel Anymore

Although back painted glass used to be associated more with industrial work, good for concealing pipes or heating ducts, it has now blossomed into a viable way to color glass for decorative use. With the new, high-quality finishing techniques that are available in the glass coloring process, there are numerous roles that this type of decorative glass can now play. Colored glass can really open up a room or building space, playing with the light and giving a clean, fresh, modern appearance to the space.

Although it used to be strictly industrial, back painted glass is now seen in the construction of commercial and residential spaces alike. Because the finish of this type of glass is colorfast and resistant to fading, it can be used outdoors for a durable finish, as opposed to other types of glass. The back painting techniques is often applied to curved glass or other types of shaped glass for exterior design, as a result. To begin the process, a color is first custom-mixed to the client’s specifications, and then applied to the second surface, or backing, of the glass in a uniform thickness. This step is extremely important for the benefit of the final product, so that there are no spots or scratches visible on the glass.

Back Painted Glass

The color of the back painted glass, once it has been applied, must then be protected with another paint layer, so that it will be resistant to scratching and better able to withstand any outside elements. With the latest technology available, a clean smooth finish is now possible in this dual coating process. You can rest assured that by using a professional back painting glass company, you will have results that are strong, durable, and with accurate colors according to the specifications of your project. It can be a good idea to look at the possible samples before making any final decisions.

With a new color line and the use of the most modern technological advances, Glaspro has opened up the doors of what is possible with back painted glass in terms of design. Some of the many color possibilities of the best back painted glass designs are available for viewing at, which also explains the technique used and gives you some idea of how this design could enhance your next building project.

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