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Although glass designers and architects have no shortage of decorative glass to choose from, one of the most frequently seen types is bent glass. This is because there may be no better way to make a grand impression in a building’s design, than with elegantly swooping surfaces composed of glass. It manages to look both modern and timeless at the same time, and is a great way to let in light into a building. For these reasons, this is often the type of glass design chosen for large exhibition centers, museums, and other public works, as well as airports. However, the purpose can be secondary to the design, which is where you will begin your process.

Bent Glass
Bent Glass

The job can be more complicated when you are choosing magnetic glass or colored glass, but with an expert eye for detail, a professional fabrication service can help you choose the best bent glass design for your needs and even tweak this if the specifications change. From conception to production, you want to work with a company that is able to showcase your designs in the safest, strongest and most durable way possible.

Some types of bent glass that you might want to consider when you are choosing the initial design include those that are bullet-proof, glazed, shaded, or colored. No matter what your specific needs are for your next architectural project, chances are that you can manipulate the glass to fit these needs. However, it’s vital to choose the professional services of a company that knows what they are doing, and has the background and experience to match their claims. Because the fabrication and installation of bent or curved glass can take more time and skill, for safety reasons this is extremely important.

One of the leaders in the bent glass and decorative glass industry is Glaspro. With over thirty years in business, combined with a state of the art facility equipped to handle any job, no matter how complex it might be, they are able to suit a wide variety of architectural glass design needs. Their staff is renowned for their customer service skills and attention to detail, and seems to relish a fine challenge. It’s a good idea to go to to learn more about the process behind producing these glass works of art, and see some examples of prior work that showcases just what you can do with the power of bent glass.

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