Richmond Ferry Terminal – Case Study

Introducing the expanded GlasPro Bird Safe Glass Line

GlasPro now offers a range of highly-effective Bird Safe solutions to satisfy the varying construction specifications for bird-friendly architectural glass. The product family includes ultraviolet reflective, acid-etched, and frit pattern glass which meet the industry-standard *2 x 4 rule for preventing bird collisions and strict requirements for safety, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Ultraviolet Reflective Pattern

Bird Safe with ultraviolet reflective patterns is visible to birds but highly-transparent to the human eye which enhances the human visual experience. With an American Bird Conservancy (ABC) Threat Factor (TF) of 21, the glass exceeds the ABC’s minimum standard for effective collision deterrent materials of TF 30. ABC uses Threat Factors (TFs) to indicate the relative ability of materials to reduce collisions. Products with lower TFs are considered more effective at preventing collisions.

Acid-Etched Pattern

Walker AviProtek® glass is designed with acid-etched line or dot patterns located on the outside (1st) surface which are visible to birds and help avoid collisions. The patterns give a building’s exterior a distinctive look with eye-catching patterns.

Frit Pattern

Bird Safe with fritted line or dot patterns silk-screened on the (1st) surface of the glass is an effective collision deterrent and helps to reduce the transmission of light and heat, and can provide attractive design detail on windows.

There is more than one way to create a bird-friendly building

Selecting a bird-friendly glass solution depends upon the human visual experience that is specified for the building. It should be noted that, the transparency of Bird Safe glass decreases with the increase in line or dot patterns visible to people. This chart explains the key features of the Bird Safe glass line.

Human Visual Experience Vs. Cost

Our Bird Safe Video

Watch the four-minute video to learn more about GlasPro Bird Safe glass.

Bird Safe with Marvin Windows and GlasPro

* The 2×4 rule describes the distance between elements making up a pattern applied to windows for the purpose of preventing bird strikes. To be effective, the pattern must uniformly cover the entire window and consist of elements of any shape (lines, dots, other geometric figures, etc.) separated by no more than 5 cm (2 inches) if oriented in horizontal rows, or by 10 cm (4 inches) if oriented in vertical columns. These patterns eliminate bird-window collisions when applied to the outer surface (Surface #1) of reflective panes, or when applied to any surface of multi-pane see-through windows. Greater spacing between pattern elements increases the risk of a strike and casualties.

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