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Bird Safe – Ultraviolet Reflective Pattern Glass

Collisions with glass claim the lives of millions of birds every year. Birds are unable to pick up clues that windows are present and frequently don’t survive impact. Fortunately, birds have a broader spectrum of vision than people and can see colors that are part of the ultraviolet spectrum, giving them better visual acuity than people.

This is where GlasPro Bird Safe, a bird-friendly glass with ultraviolet reflective pattern, can help prevent bird-window collisions while being highly-transparent to the human eye. Birds avoid the glass because they can see the Bird Safe film inside it.

GlasPro Bird Safe glass is approved by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC). ABC uses Threat Factors (TFs) to indicate the relative ability of materials to reduce collisions. Products with lower TFs are considered more effective at preventing collisions. A TF of 30 should reduce collisions by at least 50 percent and is ABC’s upper threshold for categorizing materials as bird friendly.  GlasPro Bird Safe UV glass was tunnel tested by the ABC and earned a Threat Factor of 21, exceeding the minimum standard for effective bird collision deterrent materials.

The GlasPro Bird Safe solution is proven to effectively deter birds, improve energy efficiency, meet safety standards and maintain the user experience with its high transparency.

Features of GlasPro Bird Safe Ultraviolet Reflective

• Laminated Safety glass ANZI z97.1
• Meets the performance standards required throughout North America when combined with high performance low-E glass.
• Highly effective: American Bird Conservancy Avoidance Index: 79%
• LEED Pilot Credit 55: Bird Collision Deterrence
• Budget friendly
• Fast lead times
• Made in the United States
• Easy to implement at the manufacturing stage
• Requires minimum upkeep
• Highly quality offers extremely long-life

Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge – Case Study

GlasPro Bird Safe Glass Video

Watch the four-minute video to learn more about bird-friendly GlasPro Bird Safe glass.

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