Bonsall Residence

There is a multitude of glass throughout this massive property. Both the indoor and outdoor walkways are all lined with 1/2 inch clear guardrails, as well as the many balconies that extend from each room of the house. Each unique bathroom features a glass lined shower system and custom shaped transom windows. There are many transom windows that appear throughout the property, and most are both bent and uniquely shaped. There are glass floors and illuminated glass stair treads that are sprinkled throughout. The exterior windows are a laminated green reflective film, which gives the home its unique color scheme. And if that weren't enough, once the finishing touches were being done to the property, GlasPro was called upon to create 3/4 inch countertops for both the kitchen and the recreation room.
Bonsall, California

Guy Drier

Justin Mayall

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