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GlasPro Expands Bird Safe Glass Line to Satisfy Growing Demand for Bird-Friendly Solutions

GlasPro, Inc., fabricator of architectural, structural and custom design glass, announced the expansion of its Bird Safe line with 12 new solutions. GlasPro now offers a complete range of highly-effective bird-friendly products to satisfy emerging building standards designed to prevent bird collisions with glass.

Collisions with glass claim the lives of millions of birds every year.

The product line includes ultraviolet reflective, frit pattern, and acid-etched pattern glass which meet the industry standard 2 x 4 rule for preventing bird collisions or are highly-ranked by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) as effective bird collision deterrents.

“Our highly-transparent, ultraviolet reflective pattern glass has been an effective and popular solution for the past five years,” said S. Joseph Green, President, GlasPro, Inc. “With the dramatic increase in the number of cities adopting bird-friendly building standards, our customers want additional budget and architectural glass options. Our new acid-etched and ceramic frit patterns offer the variety needed for any projects requiring bird-friendly glass. And, with fabrication facilities in California, we’re able to quickly and safely deliver Bird Safe glass when our customers need it.”

Ultraviolet Reflective Pattern

Birds are unable to pick up clues that windows are present and frequently don’t survive impact. Fortunately, birds have a broader spectrum of vision than people and can see colors that are part of the ultraviolet spectrum, giving them better visual acuity than people.  This is where Bird Safe ultraviolet reflective patterns can help prevent bird collisions – while being highly transparent to the human eye.

With an ABC Avoidance Index (AI) of 79 percent, the ultraviolet reflective pattern glass significantly exceeds their minimum standard for effective bird collision deterrent materials of 70 percent.  Under sunny conditions the product’s AI is 84 percent which is considered highly-effective.  Bird Safe ultraviolet reflective glass also improves energy efficiency, meets safety standards and maintains the human visual experience with its high transparency.

Ceramic Frit Pattern

GlasPro’s frit pattern glass is a long-lasting solution that blends bird-friendly function with performance and aesthetics. This cost-effective glass can reduce the transmission of light and heat while providing design detail on a building.

Example of Bird Safe Ceramic Frit Pattern – vertical line pattern

The Bird Safe Frit patterns include:

1) white ceramic dots covering 20 percent of the glass

2) 1/8” vertical lines on the outermost surface, and

3) 1/8” horizontal lines on the outermost surface.  The line and dot patterns comply with the bird-friendly 2 x 4 rule.

The 2 x 4 rule describes the distance between elements making up a pattern applied to glass for the purpose of preventing bird strikes.  To be effective, the pattern must uniformly cover the entire window and consist of elements of any shape (lines, dots, other geometric figures) separated by no more than two inches if oriented in horizontal rows, or four inches if oriented in vertical columns.   All GlasPro Bird Safe products are made with high quality ANZI z97.1 safety glass and can be combined with high-performance Low-E glass.

Acid-etched Pattern

GlasPro is a sales and fabrication partner of Walker AviProtek®.  Walker AviProtek is a bird-friendly solution designed with acid-etched patterns located on the outside surface allowing birds to see the glass and avoid collision.  GlasPro offers nine first surface solutions that include vertical line pattern, horizontal line pattern, curved/organic line pattern, and six dot patterns.

Example of Bird Safe Acid-Etched Pattern – Organic

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