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March 2021
GlasPro Names Mary Huber as National Sales Manager

Mary Huber has joined GlasPro, Inc., a California-based architectural, structural and decorative glass fabricator, as National Sales Manager.

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February 2021
GlasPro Introduces Specialty Reflections – Antique and Colored Mirrors

GlasPro, Inc. has announced the availability of its new Specialty Reflections – Antique & Colored Mirrors collection - eleven antique and seven colored (tinted) mirrors featuring an optional safety film for added impact protections.

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January 2021
GlasPro Introduces ReMarkable Glass writable glassboards for Division 10 Visual Display Surfaces

GlasPro, Inc. has introduced ReMarkable Glass writable glassboards for Division 10 Visual Display Surfaces – a construction division that covers specialty products and materials for projects.

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December 2020
GlasPro Expands Bird Safe Glass Line to Satisfy Growing Demand for Bird-Friendly Solutions

GlasPro, Inc., fabricator of architectural, structural and custom design glass, announced the expansion of its Bird Safe line with 12 new solutions.

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April 2015

LA Continues to Come Alive.

GlasPro's Expertise Evident in Revitalization of Downtown Los Angeles.

Once known for a conspicuous absence of glamor, the Los Angeles downtown area has seen a renaissance and a resurgence in the vitality and excitement characteristic of a great world-class city.

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August 2014

Prada Wears GlasPro

Beverly Hills Storefront Pushes the Limits of Architectural Glass

Originality has made Prada one of the most influential fashion houses on the planet so when the company renovated their boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills they commissioned a highly skilled team of craftsmen and artisans to create a space that would represent the style and sophistication that has made the Prada brand a premium status symbol world-wide.

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June 2014

GlasPro Delivers

Carrying on a Legecy in East Los Angeles

Made famous in the film “Stand and Deliver,” James A. Garfield High School in East Los Angeles stood as a symbol of academic achievement and community pride.

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April 2014

LAX Flies First Class with GlasPro

Fabrication Excellence at New International Terminal

At over 60,000 total square feet, the interior glass elements of the Los Angeles International Airport Terminal represent a significant achievement in both quantity and quality of fabrication for GlasPro.

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May 2013

GlasPro Flooring & Stairs

Quality Is The First Step

With over fifty years experience in glass flooring fabrication, GlasPro has the technology and expertise to execute cutting edge designs in high-quality flooring and stair systems. We specialize in producing custom floors and stairs which are as beautiful as they are durable. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, GlasPro is able to combined carved and non-slip ceramic surfaces with a variety of colors, textures and translucencies to create a look that is perfect for each space while providing all the strength and safety features required.

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February 2013

A Sign of the Times

GlasPro Brings a New Look to a Flagship Chevron Gas Station

When designers for Chevron wanted to create a new, modern look for a flagship gas station they turned to GlasPro to create a storefront and signage that are as striking as they are unique. The facade features a complex, three-dimensional design of polished glass panels utilizing a range of sizes and shapes to achieve modern sophisticated effect. The signage, a Chevron logo suspended in clear glass, appears clean and deceptively simple but was also the result of a surprisingly complex fabrication process.

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November 2012

GlasPro Shines at 2012
World of Color Awards

Accolades Continue For "Harmonic Convergence"

Selected from a field of the most prestigious art glass producers world-wide, GlasPro has been awarded the 2012 World of Color Award, Interior Division at the Eastman World of Color Awards in Dusseldorf, Germany. Recognized for “innovative use of color in the built environment” GlasPro earned the honor for the “Harmonic Convergence” installation at Miami International Airport.

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June 2012

At the Forefront of Storefronts

GlasPro helps high-end retailers build brand identity with fabricated glass storefronts

Seeking to reinforce company image in an increasingly competitive market place, well-known companies such as Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tiffany, Dior and Apple are placing significant importance upon creating distinct and memorable impressions in the minds of consumers through cutting edge design of retail spaces.  Chief among design considerations is creating a storefront that is at once striking and functional.

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May 2012

Harmonic Convergence in Miami

GlasPro teams with Light Artist Christopher Janney in newest creation at Miami International Airport

As any seasoned travel can attest, the journey through an airport's pedestrian walkways is usually just that - pedestrian. However, this is not the case at Miami International Airport where renowned artist Christopher Janney has once again shaped the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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February 2012

Viva GLas Vegas!

GlasPro brings unique manufacturing technologies and glass applications to the Las Vegas Strip

In a town where image is everything and bigger is always better, buildings that feature large-scale fabricated art-glass stand out amidst the dazzling Las Vegas strip.  Formed to a variety of shapes, finishes and colors, art-glass is a medium that fires the imaginations of leading architects and designers as they create the future of this dynamic, ever-changing city.

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December 2011

Building a Vision

GlasPro technology helps bring a bold residential design to life

Designed by renowned architect Guy Dreier, this home in Bonsall California is a striking example of what can be achieved when employing high-quality custom fabricated glass in residential design.  Throughout the structure, fabricated glass features create clean, modern lines that resonate a contemporary rhythm of graceful, arching curves and dramatic angles.

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July 2011

The GlasPro Color Toolbox

GlasPro Introduces New Innovative Color Matching System

One of the country's leading glass fabricators, GlasPro Inc., has introduced a new system for matching and specifying custom colors in laminated glass. Created as a tool for architects, designers, art directors and other creative professionals, the GlasPro Color Toolbox gives you the ability to create and specify your own, unique custom glass colors.

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