Echo Woods in Glass

GlasPro understands that times change and design trends need to evolve. One positive change in today's market in which we are committed is the development of sustainable products and practice. To this end we have developed our new collection of engineered wood laminates. Our "Echo Woods" product line offers an entirely new spectrum of options for creating cutting edge spaces with classic or exotic wood materials that are environmentally responsible.

Manufactured using renewable farmed tree fibers, our veneers create the look of the most desirable wood finishes, from Ebony and Zebrawood to White Oak and Walnut. Our Echo Wood products may also be employed in applications that are eligible for LEED® credits MR4.1+4.2.

Be a part of the new green market: explore the possibilities Echo Woods offer today.

Download Echo Woods in Glass Product Data
• Approximately 70% of Echo Wood species will be available FSC certified June 2010.

• Ten saplings are planted for every tree harvested.

• 100% of the fiber for Echo Wood is used.

• Echo Wood preserves rare and exotic trees for future generations.

• Echo Wood veneers can be laid-up on a 100% recycled wood Particle Board or MDF produced with no added Urea Formaldehyde- possible LEED® credit 4.1+4.2.

• Echo Wood can be laid-up regionally to reduce fossil fuel emissions possible LEED® credit 5.1+5.2.

• Echo Wood can be laid-up on an FSC certified Particle Board or MDF possible LEED® credit 7.

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