GlasPro elevateLite® was designed for installations where weight is a major consideration in the choice of materials. GlasPro has developed a Patent Pending solution of laminated safety glass that only weighs about 60% of what laminated glass would normally weigh. Available with or without an integral zbar mounting clip for ease of installation. The bond between the zbar clip and the back of the elevateLite Panel carries a Lifetime warranty.


GlasPro-elevateLite is available in ANY color or as a standard in 36 colors. Custom colors can be matched from Sherwin WIlliams, Dunn Edwards, Benjamin Moore, Frazee, Pantone or any sample that you may have. Please allow 2 weeks for a custom color sample. GlasProelevateLite is available in custom substrates, custom colors, etched surfaces and textured glass.

Available Thickness
GlasPro- elevateLite is available in a wide variety of thicknesses starting from .198" thick (5mm)

Max Sizes:  @ .198" (5mm) thick the max panel sizes is 54x84
@ .28" (7.11mm) thick the max panel size is 60x96
@ .31" (8mm) Thick the max panel size is 60x120

GlasPro- elevateLite Standards
All GlasPro- elevateLite products meet or exceed the following standards
  1. ASTM C 1036 Specification for Flat Glass
  2. ASTM C 1172 Specification for Laminated Architectural Flat Glass (if applicable)
  3. C1048-04 Heat Treated Flat Glass
  4. ANSI Z97.1-2004 Glazing Materials Used in Buildings-Safety performance
  5. 16 CFR 1201: Safety Standard for Architectural Glazing Materials

Exterior and Interior Rated Products
All GlasPro- elevateLite products are rated for Exterior and Interior use and carry a full warranty for either installation.

Glass Handling and Storage
Care needs to be taken during handling and glazing to ensure that glass damage does not occur. Do not allow glass edges to contact the frame or any hard surface during installation Refer to the Glass Association of North America (GANA) glazing manual for proper handling instructions.

Improper glass storage may result in damage to glass, glass surfaces or coatings. Store glass crates properly to prevent them from tipping. Also, ensure proper blocking and protection from outside elements.

GlasPro recommends a 5-8° lean against two wide, sturdy uprights, which are capable of withstanding the crate weight.

Once the glass is installed the general contractor or building owner should provide for glass protection and cleaning. Weathering metals, alkaline materials or abrasive cleaners may cause surface damage. Windblown objects, welding sparks or other material that contacts the glass surface during construction may cause irreversible damage.

Maintenance and Cleaning
To maintain aesthetics, it is important to clean the glass during and after construction. For routine cleaning, use a soft, clean, grit-free cloth and a mild soap, detergent, or window cleaning solution. Rinse immediately with clean water and remove any excess water from the glass surface with a squeegee. Do not allow any metal or hard parts of the cleaning equipment to contact the glass surface.

Framing Deflections
Refer to the GANA glazing manual for information on adequate framing systems. You are required to comply with industry standards for framing deflection.

Non-Rectangular Glass Shapes
GlasPro can cut virtually any shape glass required for your project from CAD files or full size patterns. Full size patterns must be submitted to GlasPro for evaluation. Pattern Charges may apply.

Warranty Information
GlasPro- elevateLite products carry a 5 year limited warranty. Contact our order desk for copies of our product warranties. The bond of the Zbar to the back of the elevateLite panel carries a lifetime warranty.

GlasPro- elevateLite Inspection Guidelines
View GlasPro- elevateLite from a distance of 10 feet (3m) under natural daylight conditions. Pinholes larger than 1/16" (1.6mm) are not allowed if noticeable from a distance of 10 feet or greater. Color as well as opacity of the pattern may vary slightly due to paint thickness variations.
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